I am working on a 4 building campus project. After much consideration and researching opinions on this forum, we decided to model each building individually and then combine in a master file for creating sheets. We are currently using Revit 9.0, so the beefed up visibility options in linked Revit files are a big plus; however, we are running into problems right now with the Area Plans. We first completed the area analysis in each of the models, with all annotation and hatches. When we try to set up the Area Plan in the master file (visibility By Linked View), all but a couple of the hatch patterns drop off. The hatch legend comes in fine. I've double checked that the Floor is turned off in the models. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Another problem we are having is with custom keynote symbols that we have created. When we reorient buildings with scope boxes, the keynote contents rotate with the scope boxes (e.g. text that is suppose to be up-down becomes turned on its side). Basically, we would like the text to behave like Revit default tags such as the Room Tag, which always stays in the up-down orientation no matter how you rotate the model with the scope box. Is there a setting that should be turned on or off when setting up these custom keynote symbols?

I hope these questions are clear. Thanks in advance for any advice!