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Thread: boundary not well formed

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    Default boundary not well formed

    I have made a corridor which looks well.
    As next step I want to producea surface of this corridor.
    The surface peroduced is completely false.
    The street has the form of a "S".
    The surface closes the "S" twice.
    What can I do when I get the message "the boundary is not well formed"?
    How can I force the surface get the same boundaries as the corridor shows?

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    Default Re: boundary not well formed

    This might suggest you select the surface boundary points manually, or use the feature lines from the corridor model as surface boundary.

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    Default Re: boundary not well formed

    I as well have had this problem. The way I worked around it was to edit the surface and delete lines outside of the boundary. This works ok, but obviously has limitations. I would like to hear about some other solutions. I have run into this when doing diversion channels. I am fine with deleting a few lines, but I am working on very long diversions and have to delete literally thousands of lines.

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