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Thread: Text strings in Dimensions

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    Default Text strings in Dimensions

    Had an idea this weekend about replacing the Text in a Dimension string.
    I understand and agree with the philosophy that a Dimension MUST be trusted.
    No DeadCAD-like "Its says 6'-4, but it's really 5'-3"
    How about letting us overwrite the text as long as the replacement text CANNOT be converted to a Length.
    That way, we could put things like "Verify in Field", "Not To Scale", or "See Mechanical", but we wouldn't be able to lie with a phony dimension. Revit is brilliant about converting Lengths typed in just about any possible way, so we should be able to rely on what we see.
    I suppose someone could go and type in "Five foot three and a half", but it would be pretty obvious that you were lying.

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    Default Re: Text strings in Dimensions

    This is a possible workaround for you - I do a text string, then add a left and right hand leader arrow. The text is not above the line, but it looks ok...

    It is actually possible anyway with Revit to force it to display a completely wrong dimension, you just create a new dimension style and change the rounding value to the value you want!!! (usually worth making that dimension Red or something though!! - place similar tool can be a danger if you forget)
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    Default Re: Text strings in Dimensions

    What I have done is to make a dimension type with a text size that is so small it becomes invisible. Then I just type in text or a number.

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    Default Re: Text strings in Dimensions

    What about when you do a drafting detail that has cut lines, and then you need to dimension across the cutlines? Since it's a drafting view, the dimension displayed is not correct and you need something completely different. That's when I have to use a dimension with very small text and a text object for the "real" dimension.

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