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Thread: Changing the style of your Corridor Feature Lines

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    Wink Changing the style of your Corridor Feature Lines

    This is a great tool to create a customized look for your feature lines inside of your corridor! Lets say that I want a different look for the Top of Curb, Lip of Gutter and Daylight line. There are two different ways that you could potentially attack this one... The first one being in your Corridor Properties select the Feature Lines tab at the top. Then you want to select the Feature Line Style for Top of Curb (be sure to select the icon on the far right to bring up the dialog box). Once you are in the Pick a Feature Line Style dialog box you can select the drop down arrow on the right and select Create New. Name your feature line style appropriately and then select the Display tab at the top of your Feature Line Style - Creation dialog box. From the Display tab you are able to specify a Layer, Color and Linetype for your Top of Curb Feature Lines. Repeat this process for any other Feature Lines in your Corridor to get the look that you desire.

    The second way that you could change the look of your feature lines is by exporting the feature lines as a polyline and putting that on a specific layer and giving it characteristics that suit my needs. To to this you must go to the Corridor pull down menu at the top of your screen-->Export-->Corridor Feature Line as Polyline. This gives you the option to select the specific feature line that you wish to export and brings up a dialog box that states what type of feature line it is, weather it be a Top of Curb, Lip of Gutter or Daylight. This is a nice because if you select the wrong line you have the ability to hit cancel before exporting it. Then hit OK to the Select a Feature Line dialog box and your new polyline has be exported and placed on the current layer. From here you can assign that layer a specific color and linetype to suit your needs.

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    Default Re: Changing the style of your Corridor Feature Lines

    You can also set your feature line styles in your code set for your corridor. Setting it there defauls your corridor feature lines to the styles set in your company standards.

    There are ups and downs to using your feature lines as your final product linework. The biggest up is being model based (obviously), constantly updating with edits to your assembly and corridor. One downer is that these feature lines, being based off the point codes, will never produce a radius around a curve. If you set your frequency smaller it looks acceptable, but in a big project it bogs your drawing down. And if you are working for a municipality or developer that requires labeling of ETW radi, well...your back to mtext. Not even general notes with reference text will help you there. Not to bash the concept...Overall I think it works extremely well, just pointing out limitations.

    Not to add to this overly worded post BUT your second option is good, (for complex corridors with transitions and the sort) but if your going to take the dynamic nature out of the linework by making them polylines on a normal corridor, It is easier to just offset the alignment to get a polyline. Two different ways of doing the same thing. Just thought I'd throw these other options out there.

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