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Thread: Home installation Procedure

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    Just curious what some of you all were doing for installing Autodesk products on people's pc's at home. I want to make sure I don't do anything illegal. I was thinking of having people bring in their pc, install it and call autodesk for a new authorization code. But with searching this forum I saw something about exporting licenses, but I was curious as to how that functioned. Does it ever expire? I just don't want any liabilities if an employee quits or is fired and has a copy of Revit or ADT at home. Also does anyone have a waiver for employees to sign? I have mult-seat standalone license, so I have one serial # and for the installs in the office I created a server image and sent the link to the employees for installation. Thanks, Jason.

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    Default Re: Home installation Procedure

    Read the EULA. That's the only way to get a definitive answer for your situation.

    That said, last time I checked, IIRC, IANAL, FWIW, ROTFL, you can only intall Revit on computers that the company "controls", and I don't interpret this to include employees' personal computers.

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    Default Re: Home installation Procedure

    I have Revit installed on 2 laptops. One I use at work and one I travel with. I don't use them at the same time. I think you can have another copy on a Home computer if it's the same person using it. You need to check with Autodesk.

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    Default Re: Home installation Procedure

    Like gibson said the computers that the program is installed on belongs to the company, not an individual, and i believe that you can only install on 2 computers total, (one in the office and one for home), and i think that it needs to be the same user.

    That was a mouth full!


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