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Thread: Disabling F1

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    Default Disabling F1

    I hate when I hit esc and I end up fat fingering the f1 key then I have to wait for ten minutes while AutoCAD loads up the help file. Is there a way to disable it?

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    Default Re: Disabling F1

    Try this, hit F1 as the very first command that you issue
    then the help file will already be loaded should you tag that
    F1 key accidentally.



    You want to create keyboard shortcuts, or accelerator keys, for commands that you use frequently.


    Important: Some keys cannot be modified. Refer to the Customization Guide for a list of keys that are already defined. Do not modify predefined keys.

    You can use one of the following methods to create accelerator keys in the MNU file:

    Use the Customize dialog box (Keyboard tab)
    Manually add the keys to the MNU file
    Method #1: Use Customize dialog box

    Right-click any toolbar button and click Customize on the shortcut menu.
    In the Customize dialog box, click the Keyboard tab.
    Select a command.
    Place the insertion point in the Press New Shortcut Key text box.
    Press the key combination that you want to assign to the command.

    If an accelerator key already exists for that command, it will appear in the Current Keys box. If the key combination you specify is already assigned to a different command, the command will appear in the Currently Assigned To box.

    To see a list of all current accelerator keys, click Show All.

    Click Assign, and then close the Customize dialog box to recompile the menu.
    Method #2: Manually add accelerators keys to MNU file

    In a text editor, such as Microsoft® Notepad, open the menu template file from the Support folder.
    Locate the section labeled ***ACCELERATORS.
    At the end of the ***ACCELERATORS section, use one of the following formats to add a new accelerator key:

    [<Key Sequence>]^C^C<Command Name>

    - or -

    ID_<Command Name> [<Key Sequence>]

    An example of these formats is shown below. The first one assigns the CTRL+Q key combination to invoke the QUIT command; the second one assigns the SHIFT+CTRL+L key combination to invoke the LINE command.


    Save the MNU file to the Support folder, replacing the existing MNU file.
    Now, you must activate the new accelrator keys.

    To activate new accelerators keys

    Start your Autodesk software.
    Enter menu on the command line.
    In the Select Menu File dialog box, browse to the Support folder.
    From the File Type list, select MNU as the file type.
    Select the MNU file that includes the accelerator keys and click Open.
    Click Yes to continue loading the MNU file.
    This process recompiles the menu so you can use the new accelerator keys.
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    Default Re: Disabling F1

    I have been programming accelerator keys for years and I am switching over to ADT5. Last week my accelerators were working, and then some didn't work and some did. This morning they are not working, especially the ones I call from my mouse (logitech m510-8 buttons). I have defined the mouse buttons as "f" keys and in my acad.mnu I have the f keys and ctrl, shift & ctrl+shift all programmed for the mouse.

    I know that several years ago, I had a simlar problem and I finally got help from Autodesk stating that the accelerator definitions had to precede the "ID" section of "acad.mnu". My definitions are above the id section.

    Why don't they work anymore?

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    Default Re: Disabling F1

    Try re-loading the back-up copy of your modified menu file
    and see if they don't start functioning again.

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