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Thread: Easier creation of dialog boxes

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    Default Easier creation of dialog boxes

    Summary: An easier way to create a dialog box

    Description: I would like to see in the next generation
    a easier way to make dialog box..

    I seriously suggest OBJECTDCL. !!


    How Used: DCL file was OLD method and to much long to create or modify..
    also, it is limited in options.

    Dialog in VBA ?...
    Need to load VBA module first and have many diffrent version conflic with dll file in MSOffice.

    Feature Affinity: Lisp

    Submitted By: Andrea Andreetti on June 13, 2006

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    Default Re: Easier creation of dialog boxes

    Sure would be nice to have this as a native function (just like VBA)....good idea.
    But, the best I have seen so far as to a solution is a product called Protobox.
    I didn't purchase it because VBA was simpler for dialog box creation.
    I haven't seen it in action, but there were a few good reviews.
    Here's the web site...

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