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Thread: Mass Elements or 3D Solids

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    Question Mass Elements or 3D Solids

    What happen to Mass Elements in ABS 2007? I was creating MvParts in ABS 2005 with Mass Elements until a found out that MvParts was to be created using 3D Solids. I heard that ABS 2007 supported Mass Elements when creating MvParts. I'm using ABS 2007 now but there is no Mass Elements.

    Should I create ABS 2007 MvParts with 3D Solids?


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    Default Re: Mass Elements or 3D Solids

    It might be that you do not have the mass element tools loaded. You can check in content browser for the tools or there might be a menu if you look in the menu "Window-> Pulldowns-> Massing" - but then I am just going off memory. Another thing you could try is to load the ADT palette for mass objects as that will run too.
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    Default Re: Mass Elements or 3D Solids

    You should be able to create MvParts with both items. There's no new limitation in the 2007 release on this situation.

    It sounds like you don't have your Mass Element tools loaded into your ABS workspace. I'd recommend searching for the tools in the Content Browser or pulling toolbars into your ABS CUI from the ADT cui file. Remember, everything from ADT is included in ABS, you just need to know where to find it.

    Let me know if you have more questions on this.

    Kyle B

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