Summary: Allowing the option of trimming only one line when using the fillet and chamfer commands

Description: Both the Fillet and Chamfer commands need additional options for the Trim/No Trim feature that would allow for trimming of only one line or both. Would prefer that the option include [First Line, Second Line, or Prompt]. The Prompt option would ask the user, after the fillet or chamfer has been applied, which segment is to be trimmed.

How Used: When making orthographic views (especially hidden side and section views of complex holes)there are many times when it is desired to apply a fillet or chamfer to intersecting lines in which only one of the lines needs to be trimmed back to the new feature. Currently a user must turn on the No Trim option, add the fillet or chamfer, and then separately use the Trim command to remove the extra section.

Feature Affinity: Drawing Tools 2D

Submitted By: Phil Tingley on July 6, 2006