Gday all,
I work in an Industrial environment, rather than a manufacturing environment, and as such, everybody in my industry seems to segregate drawings into Panel Layouts, Schematic (functional) diagrams, and Termination (locational) diagrams. I have found in just a short time that ACADE 2006 does not have much support for a Termination diagram. Basically, panel layouts are the same as what is identified for ACADE, but the schematic style used by ACADE seems to be a combination of the schematic and termination styles used in industry.

I would like segregation and parametric bonding between Panel, Schematic and Termination diagrams. All three will show the same information, but in a different layout. Terminations show terminal strips, cables with cores, plc strips etc, schematics show inline terminals, inline plc I/O not necessarily in correct order, contacts where they are used, not necessarily on the same drawing as thier relavent coil etc.

They are segregated like this, so that the Panel and Termination layouts are used to build and install equipment with correct markings, and Schematics are used for fault finding and upgrade design, and it is important when dealing with a large complex installation like a mine to be able to segregate, otherwise it gets confusing for the contractors doing the work.

This would be beneficial to all industrial installations and minesites, and would broaden the market for potential users of ACADE.

Cheers, Owen