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Thread: Create "Cloud" linetypes

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    Question Create "Cloud" linetypes

    I work at Siemens and when ACAD is loaded, it's not a standard "load." I want to create revision clouds (from scratch....command line?) and do not know how. Command line "cloud" does allow cloud lines but the arcs are way too huge. Alternate: is there a way to modifiy the size of the arc before the next one is generated?

    Sorry if this is a rudimentary question.

    Tim Ooyman

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    Default Re: Create "Cloud" linetypes


    What happens if you type RevCloud at the command line?

    What version of AutoCAD are you using?

    You might also want to take a look at Submission # EX001005 on the AUGI Exchange Page -

    AUGI Exchange Search Page

    Have a good one, Mike
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    Default Re: Create "Cloud" linetypes

    Well if you have 2000,2004 you should get it from the express tools and you click on the revcloud or just type revcloud and it will give you options to change the radius.

    Hope this helps.

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