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Thread: Detail Component Manager

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    Default Detail Component Manager

    When using the detail component manager, is there a way to select a different orientation for the components that you are bringing in? For example, when pulling in a steel shape, it brings the shape in as a section, rather than in elevation. When inserting the metal deck component it draws it in the orientation parallel with the metal deck, rather than in a perpendicular orientation to the metal deck.

    Is there a way to toggle between these different orientations with the detail component manager?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Ben Schwab

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    Default Re: Detail Component Manager

    Yes, look at the properties box before you place the item. There's a pull down that allows you to select section, plan or elevation for just about ever component in the library.

    You just can't toggle them after they've been placed.
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    Post Re: Detail Component Manager

    It depends how the ootb componants are setup, when you insert a steel column for example, if you have the properties palette open you can change between section, elevation and plan.

    Is this what you mean or have I misunderstood you?

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