Can I make a link follow its parent link instead of re-linking separately? Would this be wise?

Coming from AutoCAD I am used to the Attachment vs Overlay Xref management so find it hard not to think with that rationality!.

I have a very large site that I have modelled in two parts (separate hills with ponds between) each having their own massing model files linked into them (for master-planning) with shared co-ordinates to enable project north and true north settings in each file.

My problem is when I link the lesser site model into the main site model the massing file associated with the lesser site A) - does not come with it and B)- if linked in separately doesn't share coordinates with the main site so would have to be positioned again creating two files I would need to move it in if the location changes. Does that make sense??

Anyway can someone please enlighten me on the correct process if there is one?