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Thread: Problem with a New Library

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    Default Problem with a New Library

    I was looking through the help topics on for a way to create a 3D cad file directly from Inventor, and vice versa. I figured it out, but I tried something that was recommended, which apparently wasn't what I was looking for.

    I created a new library, and now All of my files are uneditable. It looks like the library was placed on my desktop folder or something, but I can't find it. When I "save as" in inventor, the left of the save box now shows two libraries....The content center files library that comes standard with Inventor, and the second library which I have created. Any idea how to get rid of it? Anyone had this problem before?

    EDIT: I deleted the unnecessary library folder, but it is still saying that the projects will be saved in a library and can't be edited.
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    Lightbulb Re: Problem with a New Library

    Its all int the project file!!!

    open inventor, but do not open any part or assembly, or you won't be able to edit the project file.
    It is normal that you won't be able the part in the libary - that what a libary is all about, because those part can be use in numerous assemblys and drawings over numerous projects. When you could change a libary part, you change all the assemblies and drawings where it is used - and that is usually not what is wanted.

    Open the project editor and select the projectfile that defines your projet: in the lower area you will see several notification like workspace and workgroup, but also LIBRARIES.
    Click on that, and there is the library name and path defined. (so there you can check or the folder is really on the desktop)
    RMB to delete that library location

    but usually it is good good thing to use a library, it also increases the performance of bigger assemblies

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