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Thread: Lisp Security

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    Default Lisp Security

    I was wondering what the best and most secure way to protect a bunch of lisp files. I know anything that has been encrypted can be decrypted. So its not the case that i don't want to keep anyone out because its almost impossible. Just maybe someway to add password protection, or specify a length of time the program can be used, or something like that so that not everyone can get in. The reason for this is because I have a few programs(more like 20) that i know my employer is going to want when ever they find out that i do some programming and have done 2 months of work in 2 weeks because of the use of lisp. Just need a way to protect my files from them until I am atleast compensated.

    All Ideas welcome.

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    Default Re: Lisp Security

    First off, if you are in the U.S., and wrote these programs on company time, using company hardware, stored them on company hardware or even used these programs in the office on company owned licenses of AutoCAD then the source code for these programs may belong to the company, not you.

    Of course it's more complicated that that, but you might research this topic.

    Having said that, you can compile your raw lisp code to FAS or VLX. Look this up in the developers help file (\help\acad_dev.chm). Of course, make sure you store the source code in a safe place. FAS and VLX cannot be uncompiled.

    If your goal is to keep users from running this code outside the office, you could include a check in your code for something like a certain network resource, or the ACAD serial number. See this thread for more info:
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    Default Re: Lisp Security


    Some additional information HERE.

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: Lisp Security

    I was reading one of the articles listed earlier in this thread on found this code:

    (defun server-check ()
    (not (wcmatch (dos_hostname) "*myserver*"))
    "myserver not found."
    ) ;- end of progn
    ) ;- end of if
    ) ;- end of defun
    It then says that I need to call this function at the beginning of the file. Forgive me now as this is probably fairly simple, but I haven't needed to call one routine from another yet.

    Thanks for your help.

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