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Thread: Fast searches for posts in the last "X" days

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    Default Fast searches for posts in the last "X" days

    Here's a technique to get search results for all posts in the last "X" days, where "X" is a number. The following string, when copy/pasted to your browser address line will create a search and display all posts from the last "X" days.

    You can just copy and paste or just type this string into your browser anytime, replace the "X" to run this query.


    Create a shortcut to the forum, put it on the desktop, alter the url to read as shown above with the number of day(s) filled in. Then double clicking on it loads the search automatically. If you're not logged in, you get the log in screen first then the search results. Thanks to "Logician" for sharing the code string.

    P.S. If there is a way to filter the search results for a specific Forum Category, I'll be sure to pass it along when/if I find out.

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    Default Re: Fast searches for posts in the last "X" days

    You can add a forum toggle to the above search string to limit the search to a particular Forum. As an example:

    The above option will search the Families forum for the last 3 days and return every post in that forum and all sub forums.

    Additionally, you can paste that string into your address bar, then before you hit enter to run it, click on the icon shown to the left and drag it to the "Links" area. Then you can quickly run it anytime you want an update.


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    Default Re: Fast searches for posts in the last "X" days

    Thats cool. Thanks RB.

    And this string gets all the last day's posts from Revit support and child forums.
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