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Thread: Door Swings in Casework

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    Default Door Swings in Casework


    I have created a family which is a U-shaped piece of casework. When I add door swings to the elevations (using symbolic lines > Elevation Swing (Projection)) and then look at a section, I am seing both the swings for the stuff in front of my view plane and the swings on the doors behind me.

    Is there some way to sort this out so that I only see the swings that are in front of me?


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    Default Re: Door Swings in Casework

    This is a bug I've encountered and submitted to support.

    It doesn't always happen - only on some families. It is as if the model extents are much larger than they really are. This causes smbolic lines to appear in a reverse elevation view. For one family I rebuilt it exactly as original and it worked fine. For others I couldn't easily rebuild, I just used the linework tool.
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