hi all.
i am importing an image into my drawing to show a scann of a landuse plan with Lotting lines. I can scale and rotate the image to fit in my existing drawing, but the drawing looks "rough" because its a raster pic.

in the past, i could use the image menu to "clean up" and "make nice and pretty" the scans that I import into our original linework. however, i am trying to do an image --> cleanup --> despeckle. I go through the whole process and then it shows me what will be deleted from the scan, but when I return, nothing happens. it's like it thinks it's doing the despeckle, but nothing happens. this is really weird cause i haven't done anything to my autocad install, and it seems as though i can't control it. i even tried doing this on my c: drawing and it still is doing it. is there some variable that i need to enable?

any ideas would help. thanks