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Thread: FREEZE tool/icon (snowflake) was in AutoCAD 2004, lost in AutoCAD 2007

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    Unhappy FREEZE tool/icon (snowflake) was in AutoCAD 2004, lost in AutoCAD 2007

    I've recently been upgraded from v.2004 to v.2007 and I've lost a very useful tool.
    v.2004 offered a FREEZE icon (snowflake) that allowed the user to select any specific item on a layer and remove it from displaying WITHOUT turning 'off' the entire layer.
    i.e., If a layer contained a large rectangle with 6 small squares (#1 thru 6), I could click on the 'snowflake' then select squares #2 & #5 and they would turn 'off' (be removed from view and also from printing/plotting); the remaining rectangle and squares #1,3, 4 & 6 would still display.

    I have searched v.2007 and can't find a way to access this tool; other than the Std. 'snowflake' that turns the entire layer 'off'.

    I used this tool for displaying engineering devices when Architctural or other
    engineering disciplines have objects that are not relevant to my package; or contain too much graphics that make the drawing difficult to read. This was really a time-saver!!!

    Thanks in advance.
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