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Thread: Wall Joins and Cores

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    Default Wall Joins and Cores

    Is there a way to make certain wall cores NOT penetrate to the core of a wall at the join?

    See the attached image to see what I'm talking about.

    The thick wall is masonry with a cavity core. The wall with the door is a stud partition, whose core is a Wood-Stud Layer core. It doesn't make sense that the timber core would penetrate the brickwork. However, I can't seem to get a wall join that doesn't do this.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Wall Joins and Cores

    In the wall definition the Layer Function Property (Structure (1) Substrate (2) etc.) determines how wall joins are controlled. As a rule a 1 will join with a 1, a 2 with a 2 etc.. Using this control the software will perform most wall/wall and wall/floor joins correctly and minimize the amount of clean up required.

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    Default Re: Wall Joins and Cores

    You can also pull the walls apart, then use the wall join tool, hover over the gap between the walls and click, then in the options bar you will have the choice to tell the walls not to join.
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    Default Re: Wall Joins and Cores

    gmak, a very timely question. i had this same problem while working today. i could not come up with a fix, so i decided to deal with it another day. this thread should help me as well, thanks
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    Uhhhh... wow... Scott your tip completely fixes one of Dimitri's and my most annoying problems! Thanks a bunch!

    For this to work: draw wall #1, then draw colinear wall #2 and end it close to wall #1. Disallow joins per Scott's post. Insert column between walls and finally snap walls to ends to column.

    This is a great fix -- much better than the workaround. I have less to complain about wall joins now...
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