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Thread: Resolving common issues / problems relating to Express Tools

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    Default Resolving common issues / problems relating to Express Tools

    Express Tools do not display, are missing, do not work, etc.

    The below information might just help resolve such issues / problems....

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TS26655 - Express tools are installed but the menu does not display

    ID: TS43616 - Express Tools are not listed on menu

    ID: TS44971 - Express Tools no longer load

    ID: TS59037 - Migrate Express Tools from AutoCAD 2000 to AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002

    ID: TS59827 - ACET-CMD-CHECK error when running AutoCAD 2000 software after installing Volume 9 of the Express Tools

    ID: TS64921 - Availability of AutoCAD Express Tools for AutoCAD 2002 software

    ID: TS65773 - AutoCAD Express Tools do not work after importing profile

    ID: TS70705 - Error: no function definition: ACET-STR-FORMAT

    ID: TS80219 - Express Tools not installed after product is pushed by Group Policies

    ID: TS80434 - Second installation of AutoCAD 2004 based product does not contain Express Tools

    ID: TS83144 - Error installing AutoCAD 2004 Express Tools

    ID: TS1050281 - AutoCAD 2006 Express Tools menu does not display

    AUGI Forum:

    Missing Express Tools in AutoCAD 2004

    Express tools - didn't reload?

    Express Tools don't stay loaded in AutoCAD 2004

    Installing Express Tools in AutoCAD 2005

    Loading Express Tools in ADT 2004

    Reload unloaded Express Tools

    Express Tools - Error loading acetutil.arx file

    Loading Express Tools into AutoCAD Map 5

    What happened to my express tools?

    AutoCAD 2006 Express Tools error - unable to load acetauto.lsp/fas

    Express Tools command not working through menu is loaded

    AutoCAD 2006 Distribution Wizard and installing Express Tools

    Loading Express Tools in ABS 2006

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    How to install Express Tools

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    Express menu missing, how do I get it back

    Where are the Express Tools (AutoCAD 2006)

    Reloading Express Tools menu in AutoCAD 2006

    Getting Express Tools to work in ADT 2004

    AutoCAD 2006 - Express Tools not migrated from AutoCAD 2005

    Install Express Tools with AutoCAD 2005

    Express Tools do not function / work on some machines

    AutoCAD 2007 - Missing Express Menu

    ADT 2006 - Express Tools icons showing as "?"

    Getting Express tools to work with AutoCAD 2006

    Express Tools menu does not show up in AutoCAD 2006

    AutoCAD 2007 Express Tools menu missing

    Express Tools not working in AutoCAD 2004

    Express Tools missing from ADT 2006

    AutoCAD 2007 - Express Tools not showing up

    Express tools not working in AutoCAD 2007

    AutoCAD 2004 Express menu gone south

    AutoCAD 2007 can not locate Express Tools pulldown menu

    Express toolbars gone missing in AutoCAD 2008

    Express Tools - error: no function definition: ACET-AUTOLOAD
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