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Thread: Enable "Dynamic Input" when measuring distance

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    Default Enable "Dynamic Input" when measuring distance

    I have a LISP routine which measures between two points using getpoint, it then creates a table and (will, once I've finished) populate the table with figures, based on the measured value.

    The problem is when I select the first point, there is no visual feedback of where I selected, such as there is when using the built in distance tool. For example, in both of the below screenshots, I have chosen my first point to measure from, but not the second where I want to measure to;

    Using the distance tool;

    Using my tool;

    How, in LISP, can I add this "dynamic input" (I think thats the correct term?) to give my user some kind of visual feedback that the tool is working as they expect?


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    Default Re: Enable "Dynamic Input" when measuring distance

    Maybe it? It is the way.

    (Setq pt1 (getpoint "/nPick pt1 "))
    (setq pt2 (getpoint pt1 "/n pick pt2 "))
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    Default Re: Enable "Dynamic Input" when measuring distance

    Old distance routine attached using (getpoint "\nPick Next Point" PT1)) as well as using GRTEXT to put values in the status bar and using GRDRAW to display the acquired distance segments each in different colors. It also resets the display once you exit the routine.
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