#1. In relation to using a schedule keys to eg. fill in Room information such as floor and ceiling finish is it possible to have a shared parameter in the schedule key? The shared parameter is visible in the room schedule, but I don't see ut when I am editing the schedule key.

#2. It also doesn't seem possible to create a label in a room tag family that shows the schedule key as one of the bits of text.
I was thinking that I could create a shared parameter that doubled up the information and allowed it to be part of a tag.
eg. "Schedule Key Name" = Room Type A, a shared parameter in the key schedule is called "Key Label" = Room Type A.
The shared parameter "Key Label" is then used as part of the Room Tag to get it show up on the drawing. I could fake this by using other parameters that aren't relevant to the project eg. Occupancy however this really isn't an acceptable work around & would lead to confusion etc.

#3. Also, does anyone have an explanation of why there are differences between the room parameters in the delivered template file & the parameters available in the delievered room tag family template file?
I'm assuming project parameters have been added in to the project file that didn't make it to the room tag family template.