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Thread: Network vs Stand Alone

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    Cool Network vs Stand Alone

    I'm thinking of going with network depoyment as opposed to stand alone on the LDDT 2005 upgrade. Can anyone tell me if opening another session of Land Desktop will use an additional license from my server, or will multiple sessions open with a single license.
    I know we've been told you can't open mutiple sessions of LDDT as the same user, in the same project but I've been doing it for years and, as most know, it works perfectly (as long as you have the presence of mind to close your databases as you go back and forth).
    Land enabled just doesn't cut it.
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    Default Re: Network vs Stand Alone

    One workstation one license.
    Note that Land saves the project data in the SAME temp location
    for multiple sessions of Land, this is why SDI mode is disabled
    in Land. So the use should NOT be launching multiple sessions
    as to possibly damaging the project database for both projects.
    I suggest for this type of work that the user employ the "Land Enabled MAP"
    icon. Beware that NO land desktop menus or commands should be use
    in this version of MAP, as it will disable SDI mode in MAP and basically
    turn it into Land Desktop. So rename that icon right now to:
    MAP, or Land DISabled MAP.
    Also export and save your MAP profile NOW, becuase it will get
    corrupted and become Land Desktop on you soon enough.

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