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    Is it possible for two people to use the same cogo data files at the same time? I will be creating the finished surface of a project, while another tech will be building the drainage and water lines. We are both using ACAD 2002 with LDD3. If not, then can someone suggest a way to accomplish this? We are going to be on a short time line to get this project out.
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    Default Re: USING COGO FILES

    Yes, and you will use MAP to do this.
    Each of you will open a MAP work session drawing
    that is properly associated to the project.
    Then construct a query to retrieve only the data
    required to perform your respective tasks.
    As your work for th drainage model accesses the
    DTM and possibly the alignments folder not the cogo folder
    of the project there will be no issues. Your co-worker
    will be accessing the pipes, and HD folders not the DTM or COGO
    folders for that project, again not an issue.
    The only place you might overlap is during profile sampling and
    creation, at which point you will need to remove the file looks for
    thos items through project manager. At the end of the day
    then you will each save your changes to the drawing file
    out of your active mapping session through the Save Back function of MAP.

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