I am working with a Sketchup user and I have Sketchup but have not used it yet even though I went to a class. He exports to AutoCad so that I can do the basic plans. Well we are having a problem.

I don't know whether Sketchup is to blame but now my 2000 autocad is not doing right. On the latest drawing, all my polylines and hatches were undone when I tried to configure the plan so that I could use it in 2-D foremat, On another plan, although same project, all polylines show hollow - no fill even though the fill button is on yes. On another plan, I could not perform the ordinary AutoCad functions like mirror or copy.

Then, my plotter went beserk and will only print light red for grey. I set the line to print black and still light red. The plotter is an HP-130.

All this might not be related but happened on the same day on the same project. Anyone care to try and shed some light on any of this? It might even be seperate incidences just happening at the same time.