Hi all!

I am attempting to set up a test environment with the following on a server running Windows 2003 SP1:

Autodesk Vault 5 (for Productstream)
Autodesk Productstream 5
Autodesk Inventor 11

This install runs on a backend of SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition, SP4 with IIS installed.

On my client machines, I have installed:

Autodesk Inventor 11
Autodesk Vault 5 Client (for Productstream) only.

The Content Center files, by default it appears, are loaded to each user's local machine. I need for them to exist *only* on the server and be accessed remotely by all users. I have loaded the Content Center files "successfully" on the server.

When Inventor is open on the client, it is possible to "Open (files) from Content Center." When I select this menu option, the Content Center files are downloaded to my local machine and stored there - it seems as a one time only event. This is confusing, and the information that I have found on this part of the installation has been sparse.

Our need to have this testing completed is great, as a new project is about to come online where the need for application of folder-level permissions is critical. Please let me know if there is something obvious that I've left out.

Thank you in advance,