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    On Windows 2000 Professional, I can't find Microsoft Visual Basic, which the tutorial I am struggling through says should be available through the Start Menu. I am trying to do this since the Visual Basic the opens through AutoCAD 2002 does not show a number of things in the tutorial (such as the Wizard and the Sample Applications). And the VBA Help function is no help.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


    Jim Cronburg

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    Sounds like you have a book for vb and you are confusing vb with vba. VB is a stand-alone app. VBA comes as part of many applications, e.g Office and acad. To start vba in acad, type VBAIDE at the command line or Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor. With vba, you won't have a startup wizard you are looking for, since you can't create exe's or dll's. Instead, you work with a project that loads in acad's process. You can create projects with the vba manager, Tools>Macro>VBA Manager or VBAMAN.
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