Hi all,
I have been reading about the workflow between revit and max (or other 3D applications).

Is there any news or improvements scheduled for revit 9.1 or future releases?

Particularly, I have never understood why revit must export every single object as a block, into DWG. I mean, once in DWG format, the whole BIM technology is pretty much out of the picture.

If someone may actually need a DWG with every single mullion and curtain panel named and blocked singularly, I believe the most common workflow would be to have the model exported by material, or at least by layer. This would mean, all objects on the same layer/material will be exported in one object.
So, in MAX, for example, you would have one object for every revit material.

FormZ has a number of options in the Export to DWG panel, and it works great when you need to export by layer or material...

thank you