Summary: Be able to manage the physical properties of an iPart from the table

Description: I would like to have the possibilty to manage more physical properties of an Ipart child from the table.

How Used: For example when we make a model of an complecated part, we use rough shapes. By doing so the weight will never be the right one.
For singel parts there is a possibility to overrule this by hand. For Ipartfactories this is not possibly.
For partslists on the idw we have made a custom propertie called Mass_Actuall. In the partslist this value overrides the calculated value of inv. This value will not be used when calculating the COG however. Therefore this solution isn't 100% satisfying.

Feature Affinity: Part Modeling

Submitted By: M.J. Wassenaar on July 17, 2006