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Thread: Network License and Stand Alone

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    Question Network License and Stand Alone

    I am curious to know if others have experienced this?

    We have two offices about 90 miles away from one another. One office has 10 network licenses of Revit Building and 3 network licenses of AutoCAD Revit Building Series (one of which is used in the other office). The other office has 2 Stand Alone licenses, which are carryovers from a merger a few years back.

    For some reason, if a project is started with the stand alone license, the person accessing the project (from the same office) with a network license cannot save the project. It keeps telling them the project is open by another user and is read-only, when in fact, it is not. This happens regardless if worksets are enabled or not. I have checked and tested the user's write permissions to the server and nothing is wrong there.

    Any thoughts? This is stumping me. I would like to get some feedback before I contact support.
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    Default Re: Network License and Stand Alone

    I doubt that SA vs network licence would be an issue. Probably more a network issue

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