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Thread: Introduction

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    Smile Introduction

    On a recommendation from Steve Stafford, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I just started in a new role here at Autodesk. I am the new Autodesk Revit Product Marketing Manager. I’ve been with Autodesk for 2 years. Prior to the Revit PMM position I was an Applications Engineer covering all Building Solution Products. My life before Autodesk: I worked for a variety of architecture firms in the Boston area as a CAD Manager, 3D Graphics Manager, and Project Manager. I am extremely excited about my new role here at Autodesk and would like to extend every opportunity to help.

    My mission is worldwide evangelism and driving success of the Autodesk Revit product line within BSD! GO REVIT!

    If you have any images or success stories please post them to the customer gallery. I would love to see them.

    If you’re having a Revit User Group meeting let me know. I’d like to stop in to say hi.

    Thanks again Steve for the suggestion.

    Cheers everyone!

    Christie Landry
    Autodesk Revit Product Marketing Manager
    Building Solutions Division
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    Default Re: Introduction

    Welcome aboard.
    Always good to see insiders lurking about on this forum.
    This is the place to get the real, no holds barred info about how Autodesk products are being used in the real world, the gripes, the kudos etc.
    If you do have an inside line to the powers that be I hope you will take the opportunity to pass on the insight you get from users here and let them know what they should be focusing their efforts on.
    I've found the toughest part of introducing Revit to new users is getting them past the initial wall of doubt and the fear of change. Once they see the software in action, it takes over. Sure makes marketing a piece of cake when you can get the product to sell itself.

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    Default Re: Introduction

    Christie! welcome to the forums, and congrats on the new position! You've got a 'mini-marketing' team here, as almost all of us are as passionate and 'evangelical' in a sense about Revit as you seem to be. We're hear to help you spread the word!

    Be sure to check the announcements forum, as that is where Revit User Group meetings have been posted. A regular meeting is the SCRUG, which is held the 3rd Thursday every month at WATG in Newport Beach, California. Talk to Jim Balding, as he is the fearless leader of SCRUG.

    Also, post an Avatar if you'd like, so when we run into at AU, we know who you are!

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    Default Re: Introduction

    Congrats on the new position Christie... I guess this means less field trips for you.

    Steven Campbell
    Autodesk Revit
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