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Thread: Bad wall joins......

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    Angry Bad wall joins......

    When using the edit wall join tool, why cant I just pick a "manual" override option? I could have several detail components sketched up as fixes to "bad" wall joins, and make them always attach to the ends of walls in plan (possibly in section too?). Or even let me manually drag the layers about.

    I could scroll through them like we do with section heads and mirror them like we do with all families, alternatively set them to always show where wall "A" meets wall "B" at a "T" junction or at an "L" or "X".... and so on. This could also make Closing details work properly, which they just dont at the moment.

    I have to draw a load of filled regions or a detail family, then manually place them because I cannot get the walls jois to display properly. At least this would do that for me..

    Alsowhilst on this subject the dissalow join option, It is very annoying having to drag the wall end miles away, pick the wall join tool, etc etc..... why not just have a symbol at the end of each wall that I can pick it off or on?

    I realise this must be a really complicated area to go into, but the solution at the moment does need a bit of work I think.

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    Default Re: Bad wall joins......

    I agree. I know a lot of work has gone into the wall joins since version 5 but there are still problems.
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    Default Re: Bad wall joins......

    I agree. Wall joins are still a sore spot.

    I'd also like to be able to see a list. . . say "5 of 52". . . for each join option. This way I know how far I am through the available options. I'd also like to be able to type in the one I want instead of having to click forward or back to get to the option I want.

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    Default Re: Bad wall joins......

    This thread has been helpful to me. Wall Joins and Cores After reading, and a little experimenting, I have had some better success with wall joins.
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