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Thread: Automatic Install of DWF Viewer

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    Default Automatic Install of DWF Viewer

    I would like nothing more than to see DWF overtake PDF as the norm in our industry.
    Unfortunately overtaking PDF is highly unlikely. One way to reach more of the masses
    is prompting to install the "DWF Viewer" if you don't have it installed already.
    Example: if you don't have at least an "Adobe Reader" installed and you go and
    "Double-Click" a PDF it will prompt you to install the reader "Automatically". If DWF
    files had this capability think of how many more users would have it?! Hopefully this
    has already been addressed by Autodesk. If so, never mind.



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    Default Re: Automatic Install of DWF Viewer

    Thank you for your interest. There are several ways to install the free Autodesk DWF Viewer:

    One way is to embed an object tag in an HTML page. When someone views the page and they do not already have the DWF Viewer, an install is initiated.

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