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Thread: how to change camera angles in walkthroughs?

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    Exclamation how to change camera angles in walkthroughs?

    is there a way to pan the camera in the walklthrough to look above you and below you and left and right as you walk instead of always looking forward?

    any help would be appriciated.

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    Default Re: how to change camera angles in walkthroughs?

    you need to go into edit walkthrough mode and adjust the camera heights etc in an elevation or section view
    Right click in the project browser and do 'Show Camera' will get you there hopefully

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    Default Re: how to change camera angles in walkthroughs?

    Also when you're in the edit camera mode, you can change the camera's target just by grabbing the grip and moving it. Set this per keyframe, and the camera will pan back/forth/up/down.

    Another approach is to simply set through your keyframes within that camera's view, and use the shift+right mouse button to pan the view to where you want that keyframe to look.

    Then, once the views are set in the keyframes, the rest of the frames will be generated when you play the animation, and the camera will smoothly pan around as it moves along your path.

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    Default Re: how to change camera angles in walkthroughs?

    Problem: When you manually adjust the camera at each keyframe, if you don't adjust it exactly the same as the previous and next camera, the subject will appear to waver up/down or left/right during the animation. Revit (Accurender Lite) could definitely use more advanced animation tools.

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