Revit modeler can produce lots of forms - nurbs and lofts are still missing.
Revit can also manage lots of forms created in other modelers (Sketchup, Autocad2007, Rhino, etc.).
The only problem is Revit is not handy at all to model any complex 3d forms.
The temptation is great to import them, but let's face it, it's a pain.
So, I'd like to have a more intuitive modeler like sketchup or just Autocad2007 which both are very good.
Modeling in Revit is fastidious because you always have to refer to a 2D construction plane. In fact Revit has only 2D drawing tools that generate 3D objects. That make things very fastidious.
I'd like to be able to:
- draw 3d lines without getting a work plane that geometrically contains that line.
- push/pull any face/edge/summit of a mass in any free or constraint direction like in Autocad2007 - that's really powerfull.
- draw lines directly on one face of the model and they get part of the model, then you can push/pull them - very handy in sketchup.
- select a work plane from 3 points.