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Thread: OSNAP for center of polygon

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    Default OSNAP for center of polygon

    Summary: Center of polygon OSNAP

    Description: I would like to see an osnap feature that snaps to the center of a symmetrical polygon regardless of orientation.

    How Used: Fewer picks.

    Feature Affinity: Snaps

    Submitted By: Billy Wooten on October 27, 2006

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    Default Re: OSNAP for center of polygon

    Until it gets written in stock...

    use: 'average
    You can write it into the POP0 menu...

    ;;; Average point of all selected points
    (DEFUN c:average (/ |average| |count| |nextpoint| |pt1| |temp-pt|)
      (SETQ |pt1| (GETPOINT "\nSpecify first point to Average: "))
      (SETQ |count| '(1 1 1))
      (SETQ |temp-pt| |pt1|)
        (SETQ |nextpoint|
    	   (GETPOINT |pt1|
    		     "\nSpecify next point or RETURN to end: "
         (SETQ |temp-pt| (MAPCAR '+ |nextpoint| |temp-pt|))
         (SETQ |count| (MAPCAR '1+ |count|))
           (STRCAT "\n" (ITOA (CAR |count|)) " points specified: ")
      (SETQ |average| (MAPCAR '/ |temp-pt| |count|))
      (command "_non" |average|)

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    Default Re: OSNAP for center of polygon

    Or you could use the mid between 2 points snap.

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    Default Re: OSNAP for center of polygon

    I would change the phrase from center osnap grip to centriod grip. Once the polygone has been changed by streaching the polygone by it's grip making it an arbitrary shape, still a polygone, there is no longer a centroid.
    Otherwise if the polygone is created such as a circle where if you try to change size of the polygone keeping it's symetry in tact at all times then a osnap centroid grip is fesible. This can also be applied to parallelograms.
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    Default Re: OSNAP for center of polygon

    Instead I use Gile's Custom Osnap plugin... This provides third (TRD), quarter (QTR), centroid (CTR), and Fraction (FRC) snaps.
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    Exclamation Re: OSNAP for center of polygon

    The wish has already been granted. This thread is closed to further posts.

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