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Thread: Some things don't move?

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    Default Some things don't move?

    I had to move my building up 1 foot awhile back, which of course threw off all my detail items in my wall sections. I selected the crop region and moved it up 1 foot, and found that most of the detail items would go along with it and get right back into place. However a select few components do not move with the crop region, namely text notes, and few other things (random things like metal stud section component, nominal cut wood section componet, etc.). However, the metal stud side-view component, plywood section, filled regions, etc. do seem to all move with the crop region. It doesn't make sense why some things move with the crop region and others dont. Anyone know why?
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    Default Re: Some things don't move?

    No, I am not really sure why this occurs. Text does not move and sometimes filled regions do not move for me either!
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