I have searched this forum and can't find exactly what i want. I am trying to create a default Autocad 2007 profile that can be imported into a new user's setup. If i export my own profile than obviously under the 'Files' tab there are many options set to my username folders under 'Documents and Settings' so when i import it into a new installation the wrong folders will be set.
I need to be able to either
1. Change the settings in the Options dialog then export or
2. Edit the ARG file and remove any reference to my username and replace it with
The problems with these are that :
1. If i strike out all these settings to my username, when i try to apply in order to export, it tells me that certain items need to be set and will automatically revert to the previous setting (my username) and
2. Most of this seemed to work with the exception that i could not get "Options" > "Files" > "Main Customization File" to find the Custom.cui in Docs and Sets while substituting the new user name.
FYI we have Custom.cui as our main and Acad.cui (with our own partials) as our enterprise.
Thanks for any help!!!!