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Thread: Styles - Why is linetype set to byblock?

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    Default Styles - Why is linetype set to byblock?

    Does anyone know why Autodesk set the linetype in the label styles to byblock in the imperial NTS extended template?

    Is there any real advantage to this?

    It seems to me that I would want my linetype set to bylayer.

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    Default Re: Styles - Why is linetype set to byblock?

    I dont know exactly why they did it, but this is where I've found it helpful.

    Existing ground profile. It is on a layer that is greenish and a hidden linetype. It just so happens that my grade break labels are on the same layer. Obviously, I dont want any line segment in my label to be a hidden linetype. By setting my label to a certain line type to the overall label, each component of the label is then controlled by block so that you dont have to set the linetype to each component.
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