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Thread: Plotting problems with Oce Windows Raster Driver.

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    Default Plotting problems with Oce Windows Raster Driver.


    We're having problems printing in Revit to our Oce TDS600 plotter, using the Oce Windows Raster Driver. The driver is cutting off an inch off the right edge of our 30x42 sheets.

    The sheet size is set to 30x42, but the plots are coming out 30x41....

    We also plot ADT drawings to the Oce plotter w/o problems, so the issue is with Revit/Oce driver, not the plotter hardware. Our plotter uses older firmware, so we can't use the newer Oce Windows Printer Driver.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, how did you resolve the issue?

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    Default Re: Plotting problems with Oce Windows Raster Driver.

    I've recently joined an office which has a TDS600 and have had all sorts of issues. Using the TDS600 WPD, I get bad *.plt files which have things scattered all over. Using the TDS600 WRD, I get crashes in Revit.

    The TDS600 PS driver works perfectly, but this office standard is to archive things in *.plt format. I'm still trying to sort this all out. At the last office, the standard was to archive in PDF and it worked great.

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