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Thread: Switching from AutoCAD to Revit, comments, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc

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    Default Switching from AutoCAD to Revit, comments, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc

    I would like to hear peoples opinion and stories of how their offices are dealing with a switch to Revit, or how they are working with both products, and how consultants or anyone else that needs drawings. We have had issues before, and have since backed off Revit a little. I think that the issue is the fact that not everyone uses Revit, and that our conultnants need drawings that they can work in, that and its been a year or so since i have been in Revit, the details the are provided were just ok, and we wanted more, so we ended up do our details in CAD.

    Ok i'm done. Just drop me a line, give me your 2 cents on all of this, it would be nice to hear how other people are dealing with this.


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    Default Re: Switching from AutoCAD to Revit, comments, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc

    I'm the CAD Manager for 100 users, and everything is going pretty good between the two products. It's not perfect of course. I can give you details on what to look out for. I've been getting project teams trained at a time, right before they have to use it. Then I train them further on how our company has been working in it and all the workarounds. So far we have about 20 users in Revit. We still use AutoCAD details, because we have a library of standard details to pull from, but we will soon put them all into Revit. For consultants, we export it to AutoCAD for base drawings, which I had to set up with our standards. We import their AutoCAD drawings with colors turned on. And for importing our details into Revit, we use black and white, which I had to set up our standard lineweights for. Text is a pain, unless you know the trick (shxfontmap.txt) Hatches can't be too dense in AutoCAD or you get a gray shade in Revit. We link everything, so it is like xrefs, not import which is like blocks. The only problem lies in having sheets with linked AutoCAD details and then exporting back out to AutoCAD. It sometimes doesn't like that and skips some details. But you can always make 2DDWFs for consultants to look at also.
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    Default Re: Switching from AutoCAD to Revit, comments, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc

    I am or have been given the roll of setting up our AutoCad standards in conjunction with setting up our Revit standards. I guess you could say I am a CAD/BIM manager, but not by fomal title. Yes it is odd to be setting up both, but the firm I just go into has about 10 different ways of drawing and different ctb files and lineweight and...and...and. So I have to create the AutoCad standard to create the Revit standard and be able to transfer in and out. I have the Revit experience in the office too.

    Could you give a bit more detail or infomation on how you have set up your Revit standard with your AutoCad standard? Items I am really curious about transferring in and out of Revit, lineweights, lines for drafting (names coordinate with Autocad detail or section/elevation layer names) and elevations and sections, and any templates that you have used to make Revit work efficiently. I am looking for any advice or help you can give. This is the second office I have set up on Revit but this one is the largest with the largest amount of opinions.


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