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Thread: Window and Space Object Property Sets

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    Lightbulb Window and Space Object Property Sets

    I wonder if anyone out there in AUGI land can help me. I'm trying to careate a formula property that will calculate whether or not a room in a building (residential construction) passes lighting and ventilation code requirements. If I create formula properties under the window object that calculate the Lighting and Ventilation values based on a windows size, can I then create a formula property set under the space object that will calculate whether or not the room passes code? In short can a space object be set to include the properties from a window object that is only in that room space, will it reference the properties from every window, or will this not even work at all. And could it work if i assigned the space object to reference the properties from window objects? Any help would be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Window and Space Object Property Sets

    I think you would need some heavy-duty [read: beyond my capabilities] programming to do what you want. Using a location property, a window can read data from a space [or area, or aec polygon], but the space can not read data from a window. Unless you only ever have one window in a space, in which case you could do the calculations in the window PSD, you can not do what you want with the out-of-the-box capabilities.

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