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Thread: Import of Seamless Data Distribution

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    Default Import of Seamless Data Distribution

    I'm quite stuck. I have very little experience with this. I have a client who has talked me into obtaining topographical information off the web. I have ended up after days and days of searching to find I guess would be the best place is the USGS Seamless Data Distribution site. (please tell me there can be a better site)

    I can get my information in 1/3 arc seconds which might be good enough for my client. However, as you may already know my question, I have these files in formats I can't open. It says I can open them in ArcView/Gis, but I don't have this program.

    Do you know if there's someway to import the data into AutoCAD or Revit? Or do I have to find someone with ArcView to convert the info.

    All I'm looking for really is topographic information of Long Island in electronic format.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Import of Seamless Data Distribution

    Can you provide little more info on what type of topographical infomation you are wanting? Contour lines, images, 3D surfaces or ??. What are the file extension for the files you downloaded?

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