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    Default Naming convention question

    So I am working on a library of dumb tags, for use where standard Revit tags fail; for example a Window Tag that functions (if manually tracking changes can be called functional) in a Legend. In my head I call them dumb tags, because they are not intelligent, and I think it is dumb that I even need them. But I still have a few people who think Revit was a dumb idea, so I really don't want to add fuel to their fire I also want to name these things in a way that is at least somewhat rational. I want their use to be somewhat discoverable, rather than a cryptic name that needs explaining (my first thought was GUC, or Graphic Uninformed CAD, with the puking sound a nice side benefit)
    Anyway, anyone actually come up with a name for these very Non BIM tags, or do you just admit they are dumb and move on?

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