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Thread: 3D - PSpace Dims associated with MSpace geometry alignment issues

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    Default 3D - PSpace Dims associated with MSpace geometry alignment issues

    Anyone seen any issues with geometry not aligning properly between PaperSpace and ModelSpace in 3 drawings? Seems as though some files as you zoom in/out, dimensnios in paper snapped to model, display properly while zooming in in paperspace (Viewport is locked) and then shift in relation to the modelspace geometry as you zoom.

    We're using certified cards and drivers on some machines and non certified card and drivers on others yet the issue seems to happen on either type of system but. The issue get's worse after plotting. Plotted output will have shifted dimensions as well but they are shifed different between different printers/drivers yet it displays properly at zome zoom factors but not others.

    Just seems like the grahpics are having a hard time keeping MS & PS coordinate systems in sync. Tried hardware and software accelerations, etc. Seems to make a little difference but not much.

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    Default Re: 3D - PSpace Dims associated with MSpace geometry alignment issues

    There is a problem in AutoCad with how it treats Modelspace objects with a Display, (and plotted objects), set to something other than 2d. By display I mean the shademode parameters.

    A trick that I came across on the Autodesk website, is doing the following:

    hideprecision = 1
    facetres = 4
    dispsilh = 1

    This in conjunction with setting the shademode to 2d will fix the problem. However, there seems to be a random event where a silhoutte line may dissapear almost at random. I have experimented using different printers with varying results, all of which were missing a line here or there. My "quick" solution was to cheat, and just draw a 2d line on top of the silhoutte that was missing. Yes, you can all cringe with me on that.

    Something to keep in mind, None of the shade modes will give you hidden lines if that is what you need to show. I know my shop wanted it, so I had to actually sketch those in in paperspace, while getting the pseudo hidden display of 2d.

    I suspect that Autodesk will "magically" correct the problem of moving viewport images in future releases. Just don't do like I did and zoom in on the moving viewport display to watch it correct its location. I found this to be a reliable way to crash AutoCAD.

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    Default Re: 3D - PSpace Dims associated with MSpace geometry alignment issues

    By the way, my previous reply was in regards to using 3d objects with multiple viewports. I put the dimensions in paperspace, in Acad2007. Oh another point to be made, be careful of your dimensioning approach, if great care isn't taken in the dimensioning approach taken. I have found from the Autodesk boards that this is do to some parameter that they changed way back in like 2000 or 2002. (The actual release escapes me at the moment.) Hope these benefit you. I know I spent almost 80 hrs solving and researching these problems to my production shops dismay.

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