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Thread: What plotter to get

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    Default What plotter to get

    This is not really a Revit question, but here goes:

    I'm thinking of replacing my HP Designjet 450 which is getting a bit long in the tooth. I do mostly small volume plotting in office, typically on 24x36 or 22x34 sheets. Any set of plots larger than about eight or so sheets goes to an outside printer.
    This plotter is mainly for residential or other small projects and incidental progress prints.

    I've been pretty happy with this machine, but it's time to replace.

    I used to be a die hard HP fan, but since I bought my Canon all in one machine, I realize that there is a whole another world out there.

    I'd love to be able to print wirelessly, but at least through a USB port.

    Any suggestions about manufacturers or models will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: What plotter to get

    I don't have a specific recommendation but I wanted to point out that HP occasionally has trade-in deals on old plotters. The trade in values differ based on what model you are trading in and what model you are buying. It's worth checking their website to see if there are any current deals being offered. If there are, it might allow you to get more plotter from them for the same money as a lesser model from a competitor. Or you might use the money you save to buy more memory or other accessories. Food for thought.

    Our office has an HP DesignJet 750C+ E-size plotter. It is probably more plotter than you need but we have been happy with it.
    Robert Witte

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