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Thread: Minor Interface issues which affect us all every day

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    Default Minor Interface issues which affect us all every day

    While the main releases include lots of new features, it would be great if interim releases could include minor user interface improvements (without us having to wait for a major UI revamp). Below is a list of issues which annoy me every single day - surely most of them would be really quick programming fixes, and give us all productivity increases?

    1. When selecting an element, the temporary dimensions should automatically be visible on screen without having to zoom out – where possible.
    2. Temporary dimensions should be visible even when over an area of busy line-work or solid fill.
    3. Where Section lines have been “broken”, they should not be selectable along the invisible part of the line.
    4. Revit should remember more user settings on dialog boxes – eg. Import CAD files, Origin to Origin.
    5. Third default metric snap setting should be 10, not 20. Alternatively Revit should save the last user settings for snaps.
    6. Drop down menu lists in dialog boxes should display more items – typically they only show six items; also need wider boxes for long names (eg. Loc. Line on options toolbar).
    7. Allow quick access to info lower down on Properties dialog box: eg. allow user to expand the size of the properties dialog box; or: remember which parameter groups have been collapsed by user - keep them hidden next time dialog is opened?
    8. Enable more keyboard shortcuts for “buried” dialog boxes and option bars - eg. For View Range; or for secondary tabbed pages on dialog boxes; Filter, Visibility, edit etc.
    9. Consistency for clicking on check boxes / radio buttons. eg Filter dialog does not allow clicking on text to de/select the check box (it should), but other dialogs do.

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    Default Re: Minor Interface issues which affect us all every day

    Agreed, especially 4! 5 to 9 would also be great. These inconsistencies and extra steps required, minor as they may seem, does serve to annoy.

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