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Which renderer did you use for this? The glass seems a bit dark even for a low light situation. The pic on flckr is nice....i like the caustics....the fish is really cool.

I think a 3ds MAX gallery is a great idea...i would definetly post more renders for sure. Actually, i was thinking about posting the scene files for the articles that i write for AUGIWorld. A gallery would be a good place for them...with a link to the AUGIWorld article.

Just a thought.
Hey Dwayne,

I used the Mental Ray renderer for this. I think the glass looked dark because, viewing from underneath the surface of the water, the water was reflecting what is above it; the problem comes into play here because there is nothing above it, just dark space... As you can see below, I've adjusted the height of the camera to get a more "down" angle on the fishbowl. This negated any problems with reflections from above. I also removed the wire mesh on the fish since it wasn't supposed to be there any way, removed the fish food (it was distracting from the focal point), and added some depth of field to the frame. I'm still playing with the DoF; the bokeh doesn't seem to be right to me, but this is about it.