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Thread: shapefile edits disappear on Check-In

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    Thumbs down shapefile edits disappear on Check-In

    Why do my edits to a shapefile disappear when I try to check them in?

    Here is my routine:
    1. I Connect to the folder with shapefile and add the data to the map.
    2. I Select a feature and choose Check Out Feature. Grips appear on object, but I want to use AutoCAD tools to edit it.
    3. I choose Extract Geometry from Feature. I get an mPolygon.
    4. I Explode the mPolygon to a Polyline and edit it using AutoCAD tools, i.e. Trim.
    5. I turn the new polyline back into an mPolygon
    6. I choose Update Feature from Geometry. I select the new mPolygon and the feature changes to match my edit. Great.
    7. I choose Check-in Feature and my edit disappears. Not Great.
    What's the deal?

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    Default Re: shapefile edits disappear on Check-In

    Dear Chris Rado,

    I think you can control the disappearing or appearing by changing the default value of feature geometry update

    Command: MAPUpdateFeatureGeometry
    Select Object: Specify opposite corner: 1 found
    Select Object:
    Erase the selected object after operating [Yes/No]<Yes>: NO


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